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After 35 successful years in Information Technology supporting federal government agencies as a Business Development and Capture Managment Executive for companies such as CPT Corporation, Unisys Corporation, Dolch Computer Systems, Teradata–a division of NCR, proServices Corporation, and Drayton, Drayton & Lamar, Inc. Mr. Franklin A. Sayers decided to pursue his passion and founded FAS Filming, LLC.


Mr. Franklin A. Sayers, Sr. is the Founder and President of FAS Filming, LLC. He possesses more than 20 years of photography experience with over 15 years of videography. Mr. Sayers’ passion for videography includes pre-production, production, and post-production. He has filmed and produced professional events such as corporate conferences, legal depositions, speaker events, social events, political events, artistic/musical events, corporate endorsement, promotion productions, interviews, stage performances, and weddings.

Mr. James Sayers studied business marketing and administration at Hampton University.  He has spent time as a member of stage crews and participated in the setup and breakdown of various platforms including lighting and rigging different components for live performances. James has over 8 years of videography/photography experience filming all sports including track & field, football, basketball, lacrosse, and soccer games. James also has experience shooting large conferences, military all-hands meetings, higher education seminars as well as birthday parties and weddings. He is also an FAA certified drone pilot. His aspirations to be an elite creator stemmed from community outreach and the need to capture the moment at local and inner-city events to inspire others. 

Mr. Gianni Day studied visual media at Full Sail University and Anne Arundel Community College in pursuit of his degree in Film. He is an excellent photographer and videographer with exceptional skills in using Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom. He has videoed weddings, birthday parties, live concerts, portraits, basketball games, music videos, and short documentaries building his experience with photography and videography. Mr. Day has always aspired to be one of the greatest visionaries to lay hands on a camera. Whether it be directing a feature film or conducting roaming photography for an event Gianni puts all his effort into producing excellence.

Mrs. Monica Sayers, Behavior Specialist – Special Educator with 15 years expertise in providing direct and indirect instruction to students levels of disabilities. Expertise in the modification of academic curriculum and multiple intelligences of student learning styles shared with peer educators. Mrs. Sayers has applied her knowledge and education to pre-production of educational, training and presentational video productions.

Mr. Jourdan Sayers is an Environmental Psychology doctoral student in New York City, where he is involved in social and spatial research and community organizing. He has worked in book editing and publishing; ethnographic filmmaking; sports videography and analysis; and public-space research, planning and design. Mr. Sayers applies his passion for writing and communication as a consulting copy editor for FAS Filming, LLC. 


Our pre-production stage of your project is where all the planning takes place before we start production. We will collaborate with you on your overall vision of the project. This stage includes laying out the shoot venue and casting. We will also, include storyboarding, when necessary.

Production begins once the pre-production collaboration has been completed. In this process, we will capture all the scenes and information about the pre-production process. During the production process, we will work out the lighting requirements, camera(s) positioning, etc. We will capture B-Roll during the production process. B-Roll is additional footage that will be included in the finished production. Our videography and photography productions are captured using Professional HD camcorders, and DLSRs, necessary support equipment and professional audio with livewire and/or wireless microphones. 4k video is available upon request.

The post-production process begins after we have captured all the footage. This is one of our favorite parts of the video making process. We add graphics, images, voice overlays and music overlays along with lower thirds, transitions, color correction, and special effects. Post-production is the most creative part of the whole project and in which we take great pride. This is where we make your video project come to life. Our post-production process is created using Adobe Creative Cloud.

FAS Filming Delivery:
We deliver your production via our online platform for your preview, comments, and approval. Our online platform is a complete delivery solution with the functionally of a DVD or Blu-ray which can be experienced online, anywhere, anytime on any device. You will receive a free lifetime library which is password protected with the capability to share with your customers, family, and friends. If desired, you can view your production offline with the option of downloading to your computer, DVD disc and/or USB drive.

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